Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Brides 01&02

Ok after many revisions and me screwing over timing the script in the first place… We have finally released Hyakka Ryouran! For convenience sake we decided to release both of them together and well, we actually finished both episodes pretty much around the same time. This release will remind me to never go out and drink before timing anime. Lesson learnt.

Anyways since this is the first release that I’m working on… I decided to put the torrents up on my page too! (Although I don’t think I’m actually allowed to do this… But because this is my first release I’m gonna do it anyways!) In future please visit the Hiryuu website and download it from there. I probably won’t be posting any more releases here but there will be updates and stuff on the projects I’m working on when I think necessary.

Leave a comment on the Hiryuu website or jump onto IRC and leave your thanks. Fansubbing is rough buisiness. All you fansubbers out there have my respect.

[Hiryuu] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride 01 [Hi10P 1280×720 H264] [4CC3122E].mkv

[Hiryuu] Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride 02 [Hi10P 1280×720 H264] [19E4D3C2].mkv


Girls und Panzer OVA2


Looks like my next job will be timing Girls und Panzer OVA 2! I didn’t particularly do a great job with Hyakka Ryouran probably because I was half asleep, but it looks like a got a chance to redeem myself! I know that this is already delayed but someone has to do it right?

On a side note, Hyakka is almost done and we just need to edit now! Expect our release within a day or two because… you know how Hiryuu is. I know I previously said that it would be out and that wasn’t the case… But please believe me this time!

Hyakka Where?!

I honestly don’t have much to say to you guys… So here’s my treat!

ImageYou get a cute imouto!

I did say that Hyakka would be released soon but … as many of you who know, Hiryuu tends to delay things quite a bit so the rest of the group is working on it. I myself have done my part already and are awaiting on other. In any case please stay tuned and wait for our release!

First Official Project!


Yesterday I had finally started my first anime fansubbing project under Hiryuu Fansubs! Please take care of me in future!

In any case my first project will be “Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Brides“. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this will be turning out as this is my first official project. I also want to work on HenNeko this season my fibi will be doing it so no complaints here. Please look forward to our releases in future! Release should be out within 24 hours or so, please grab it then!

Without further or do, I’ll just stop my blabbing and you can enjoy doing whatever it is you were doing. Stay tuned and please keep giving me your support!