Fate/stay night (2014)

While I know this post is a bit late, I just thought I have to share with everyone that the new fate anime is coming up! The series will be animated by ufotable and is set to air some time later this year. More information on this project will later be revealed in the ninth volume of Kadokawa’s Type-Moon Ace magazine which will be available for purchase as of Janurary 30th, 2014.

Aniplex released a trailer (as seen above; you will probably need to connect to a jap vpn because I can’t view it in my region. I assume it will also be unavailable in other regions) on Friday (27th December) recapping some of the previous events which happened in Fate/Zero, which was also animated by ufotable. Just from watching this trailer, I can already see the beautify animation. I’m fairly certain that the story will be top notch too. This season of Fate will be based on the Heavens Feel route of the visual novel, which I strongly believe is the best route in the game!

I am so hyped up over this! Lets hope this gets adapted really well and ufotable will meet up to its standards.

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