Freezing Vibration 06

Freeze06-RC_001_8174What a freak…

Late night post! It’s already past 0400 where I am, but I’m still up and kicking! I really should be getting good amount of sleep and studying done instead. I’m in the middle of my exam period, but I decided that it’s a better idea to stay up entertaining you guys! Yeah, stupid idea on my side.

So I’m just going to say the same as the previous posts; I didn’t time the last two episodes because I was busy with real life. I didn’t even realize we released this yet… So post slightly “delayed.” I say delayed, but this post is actually a lot earlier then most of my posts anyways. *shrugs*

So is everybody excited about this ntr arc? I know a couple of the Hiryuu staff members couldn’t handle it, but since I’ve already read the manga, it really isn’t affecting me. In any case, enjoy your weekly dose of ntr.


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