Unbreakable Machine-Doll 03

03-RC_001_9852Damn, Shouko is hot 😉

Masochist Doll is out, so go and check it out over at Hiryuu. We’re always there on IRC if you want to drop by and talk. Don’t forget to say thanks!

There is actually about two timing derps in this episode. One of them was because of me not paying enough attention, the other was because I wasn’t there to actually fix up these mistakes when QC was being done so twinkle had to step in and do it (I Had no internet access. Not much I can really do about that).

Hopefully, starting with this week. we will be getting the releases out faster as we will be changing the workflow a bit. This will probably get the release out a day or two earlier! I’m not exactly fond of the way MDoll is always being released during the weekend, so this is great for me!

Anyhow, see you later this week for another round of Masochist Doll!


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