Massive Delay Post (Frz 01-03, MDoll 01&02 and YZQ 01-03)

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 02 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [34E1C9CE]_001_151OMG a post!

Yeah, not really a surprise anymore. I’m getting a bit too lazy to even make posts on my own page…

In any case, here is a “massive” post for all the anime I’ve missed on posting. Nagi was not included in this post because I actually haven’t done anything for it yet… I’ve been pretty busy lately with my assessments and uni work so I haven’t been able to get around and do a couple of things; which also leads to a number of my delays. Btw Machine-Doll wasn’t stalled at me, but at the cucumber that was too lazy to TLC 😉

I’ll see if I’m able to get back on track this week and hopefully get our releases out faster (in this case, Yozakura Quartet isn’t really affected because it’s out ASAP anyways). As for more frequent posts… I hope to get around to them. Most of the time, I make all my comments on the respective group release posts anyways so there usually isn’t a lot for me to say.


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