Gatchaman Crowds 06-07

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_06_[Mux][8FB22128]_001_2834I salute to you!

A bit of a “late” post, but yeah. Gatchaman Crowds 06 and 07 are out. Go grab it via torrent or XDCC.

Please visit us and say thank you to all those who worked on it at our website or come by and chat with us at Rizon.

Now I mentioned in the release post that I wanted to have a couple of other release pictures but I could have them. So what I’m going to do is post them below! Hope you enjoy them.

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_07_[Mux][C54EA7A7]_001_22541Maybe a little bit of BL?

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_06_[Mux][8FB22128]_001_12122Utsutsu-chan kawaii!

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_06_[Mux][8FB22128]_001_25764I must admit… Sugane looks pretty cool here.


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