Gatchaman Crowds 04 and some Blood

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_04_[Mux][5ECF97A5]_001_5737No, I’m not… I’m the super timer that rescued this release.

Finally! We have gotten episode 04 out of our hair. Now to start on episode 05 and 06.

For those who have not yet noticed, Blood Lad 02-04 has also been released. Check it out at Oni.

After liters of blood sweat and tears, I have timed and TSed the whole of episode 04. As the end result, you get your release a whole lot earlier then you should have. I blame the “anonymous pedophile.” However because of this, I also lazy TS one or two of those signs. But have no fear! I will do them properly for you guys in the batch; there are also plans for quite a number of changes in the batch, so you guys can definitely look forward to that.

Now for some information on Blood Lad! I’ve already timed episode 05 and 06 a while ago (well 06 was only about two or three ago). If you’re waiting for those releases, then go bug Ryuk or whoever, spill some blood and tell them to be quicker! I must admit, I’m beginning to like this show more and more. So maybe I’ll time these with a little more effort; like that’ll actually make a difference… The releases are going to be slow anyways.

Anyways, I know that I’ve said that I’ll be updating this more regularly but with things being out of order at Cthuko, I didn’t really feel like updating and I didn’t really care much about Blood Lad. But I promise you this time! You will be getting more regular posts then the past two weeks or so.


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