Gatchaman Crowds 03 (v2 Released)

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_03_[Mux][B6A6DB88]_001_25894Utsutsu kawaii!

Gatchaman Crowds 03 is on its way! Expect it “soon.”  Delays here and there, but I’m the main contributor; sorry about that guys!

Edit: And it’s out! You can download and check it out at our website.

Edit 2: v2 Patch is out! You can grab the patch here, or head to our website and grab the torrent (patch is also available there). XDCC on IRC works too.

Well the main reason for delays on my half was because I had no internet. I’ve been without internet for over a week now because of one reason or another. In any case, TL was not done immediately like the previous episodes, but who cam blame us when we have a life? Anyways, I had to make do and I managed to grab the raws and the translations; leeching from my uni’s wi-fi. I’ve timed it and it is at QC now. We’ll release when we finish everything; most likely in half a days time of writing this post.

Hopefully next week everything will be back on schedule. Fingers crossed!


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