Gatchaman Crowds 02 & Blood Lad 01

[Cthuko]_Gatchaman_-_02_[Mux][63924BC1]_001_9427That pout.

Okay! So Gatchaman Crowds 02 is out! I know I haven’t really mentioned this before, but I was asked to time Blood Lad over at Oni and I agreed; so the release you saw over there… I timed that.

I know that I should be updating this page more often, but there’s not much I can do about it seeing as my net was down still is (at the time this post was written). Anyways, Gatchaman Crowds 02 was not supposed to look like that! all those random effects were supposed to have been taken out and such, but for some reason was kept it. Although some of them did look good, some did not fit in at all. They will most probably get fixed in the batch if we do one, or maybe the BDs if we decide to do those too. Who knows, we’ll decide when we get there.

In any case, visit us here and grab our releases! You can also visit us on IRC at Remember to also give your thanks and praise to the staff for our “excellent” releases!

Onto Blood Lad now. Episodes 02 & 03 have been timed; as far as I know 02 is should be ready for release but hasn’t been for god knows what reason. Ask them about it, I haven’t been keeping track. In any case, you can be expecting 03 soon (in a number of days?).

I’ll try to keep everything up to date if I get my net back up and running properly.


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