Gatchaman Crowds NCOP (Nico)


Here’s the surprise release! We now present you the opening of the show, without credits!

This was styled and timed by me, and translated by vale and Rekyu. Kusion also helped edit this I believe… Anyways sorry for no KFX!  We can’t really do much about that because no one in the group actually knows how to K-time or KFX.

Now for those of you who are waiting for the NCED… there won’t be one. Why you ask? Well that’s because this was a nico stream and I highly doubt that they will release a NCED on nico or youtube. If you really want the NCED, you’ll have to wait for the BDs… assuming that we are doing it.

Anyways you can grab the NCOP here. We’ll probably be releasing episode 01 today (EST) if things go right.


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