Update: New Group [Cthuko] – Gatchaman Crowds

Gatchaman Crowds OP_001_160

And we’re up guys! Just in time for the anime to air. I said that I would update you guys on the new group when the time comes, and here it is! In the meantime, you can visit us on IRC while we get a few things sorted out.

Edit: Our website is up! However it has nothing on it at the moment… We’ll post things up and such when we feel like it. You can visit us here, or click the title that says “Cthuko Subs” on the menu, on the left side.

We are calling ourselves Cthuko (why Cthuko you ask? ask vale) and the staff currently consists of Kusion, Puff, twinkle-, Rekyu, ryuu_zer0, valerauko, yepperoni and I. As for our positions etc. you can look at out new webpage later.

Now we’ve decided to form the group on the whim because vale wanted to. Over the past couple of weeks, we have been preparing ourselves and our resources just to get started up! Now I know that some of you recognize some of our staff members if not all of them. Well that’s because Rekyu, Vale and I have recruited experienced fansubers, whom all have experience and are affiliated with at least one other group or more.

On a totally related note, we have decided that we will be subbing ‘Gatchaman Crowds’. We will be having a surprise releasing soon, so keep your eyes pilled out!


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