GuP OVA2 and HenNeko 10&11

Post picture stolen from Hiryuu, because I couldn’t be bothered to go and take a screenshot myself.

I should really update this blog a bit more often huh? Well In any case we have finally released Girls und Panzer OVA2! Well aren’t you guys luck? good thing you guys stopped asking huh, otherwise we might have never released it… probably. OVA3 will be coming sometime next year. Just kidding, it’ll be out when it’s done. It’s currently awaiting TL (go bug Xity on IRC if you want it done quickly).

As for Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko, episode 11 was an “early” release for once! Both episode 10 and 11 are out now so go check it out at either Hiryuu or EveTaku. Hopefully we can get the final episode, 12 out early too and end off on a good note but we don’t know whether that’s going to be happening because the show’s TL (puddi) will be going overseas…

Well I won’t force you to continue listening to me ranting so you can now go and enjoy your anime.


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