Ace Maid – Lim Dal Young’s new Manga

Ace Maid

Lim Dal Young is at again with a new manga series called “Ace Maid.”

A Maid must always be beautiful and stronger than anyone else, and respect her Master. The Maid who has all these qualities is called “Ace Maid”. And there is a Tournament, a Festival, to select the No.1 Ace Maid in Akihabara. (Source: Manga Updates)

Well looks like we’ll bet getting another battle harem manga, but this time we have maids. Those of you with maid fetishes, aren’t you happy to be alive?

Lim Dal Young will be writing the story of this series and Lee Hae Won will be doing the illustrations. Lim Dal Young and Lee Hae Won has previously worked on a series together called “Koimoku,” so good on you if you could tell the similarities between the two series; well most of his series look very similar anyways. Media Factory has steamed a two minute preview featuring Seorryang’s single, Shouran on YouTube; you can check it out down below. CrunchyRoll has also posted it up on their news page, you can read it here.

In any case, how do you guys think this series will turn out? Will it be another short series like “Koimoku,” put on haitus like “The Legend of Maian” or will it be a long series like “Freezing”?


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